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per device / per month
(billed annually)
Maximum of 10 bikes in your fleet. Made for small fleets!
Analytics Dashboard
Manage Devices
Geo-fence Locations


per device per month
(billed annually)
Payment processing + a complete management suite.
Everything from Basic
Stripe Payment Processing
Multi-Modal Fleets
Map View Assets & Locations
Export Data CSVs


per user per month
(billed annually)
Customize the experience for your riders.
Everything from Silver
White-Label App
Customize Intro Emails
User Marketing + Notify
24/7 Support
Assigned Account Rep
Finance Management
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How many hours weekly to operate?
Operational hours per week really depends on a few things, the size of your fleet and the type of your fleet. Electric fleets can add operational operational hours. A standard bike share fleet of 40-60 bikes might see 4-8 hours per week.
Can I make a system private?
Absolutely! You can create a private system a few different ways. You can specify by user's email address is always a great solution for universities and corporate campuses.
Do you have a minimum of bikes?
We do not! We always recommend a fleet of 10 bikes minimum but some customers don't need that many.
Can I create memberships for users?
Yes, you can create any type of membership you'd like. Create annual memberships, monthly, and weekly with just a few clicks. Customizing the pricing and setting up a membership takes 60 seconds.
Can I use existing bikes for my fleet?
Yes, we sell smart locks and mounts to existing fleet frequently. Just talk to a rep about a quote and we can ship out complete kits pretty quickly.
How can I generate revenue?
Yes, you can generate revenue from a view different streams. You can generate revenue from pay-per-transaction, memberships, in-app advertising, and advertising on vehicles and at each location.
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