Bike Share.
Bike Rental.
One App!

Brand and customize an easy to use app for your fleet. Our app builder is not only easy but FUN! Take control of the user experience.

The Rental App for Users

Notifications – The Koloni bike rental app notifies users if they park outside of a parking location and much more.
User Analytics – Better understand how your bike rental fleet is performing. Locations, time of day, and much more!
Track Location – Track your bike rental fleet throughout the day. Making managing a bike rental fleet easy!

Key Features

Fast Sign-up– Koloni makes it easy for users to sign up. Apple/Google Log-in or phone/email. Users can quickly find a bike near them!
Multi-Rental – Users can book up to six rentals at any bike share location. Allowing an entire family to ride!
Stripe Powered – Stripe allows you to customize your pricing models and provide security for your users. Simplifying the payment process.
Customer Service – Users can report issues during the bike rental journey to notify the owner. Allowing the owner to respond promptly.
Delivery Driver Software

Easy to Manage

You can completely customize the experience. Create safe parking locations, monthly subscriptions, and manage reported issues.