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Manage your bike fleet for your business, a community project, and more. The Koloni bike rental platform provides flexibility for small fleets of 10 to bike rental fleets of 250.

Our Bike Share Software

Precise control – FleetIO also connects with the Compass App for a complete solution.
Dashboard – View your progress from our easy to view dashboard.
Track Vehicles – See the current locations of your fleet. Responding to issues promptly

Key Features

1. Geo-fencing– Create a new location in minutes by using our tool. Our hybrid bike sharing model provides flexibility but not chaos like free roaming models.
Custom Pricing – Customize your pricing per transactions, memberships, and promo codes for your bike rental program. Charge for out of drop zone penalties too!
Manage Assets – Manage all your bikes in one simple interface. Check battery levels, place into repair mode, and add notes of each bike. Switch to map view to get a visual!
Manage Locations – Set optimal fleet size for each location. Helping you quickly rebalance your bike rental fleet with ease. Add or subtract a location in just seconds.
Delivery Driver Software

Easy to Manage

You can completely customize the experience. Create safe parking locations, monthly subscriptions, and manage reported issues.