Manage Your Bike Rental Fleet on Your Phone!

The Koloni Compass app makes it easy for bike rental operators to conduct their general maintenance from their smart phone.

The Compass App

Notifications – Compass will notify you of issues regarding your fleet.
Advanced Analytics – Check the health and usage of your fleet with our analytic tools.
Fleet Tracking – Track your fleet during tractions. A key to managing your assets.

Key Features

1. Connect & Unlock – Connect each bike and perform a maintenance check over the bike. Checking connectivity during your routines.
2. Order Parts – Note what parts you need to order to repair your fleet. Keeping your bike rental fleet in top performing shape.
3. Add Notes – Add important notes to each bike to help you stay organized with managing your bike rental fleet.
4. Reported Issues – View issues reported by users using your bike rental service. Allowing you to quickly address these issues.
Delivery Driver Software

Easy to Manage

You can completely customize the experience. Create safe parking locations, monthly subscriptions, and manage reported issues.