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Automate Your Bike Rental Fleet.

Launch a new fleet or turn your existing fleet into an automated bike rental system.
Fleet Connect

Manage Your Bike Share / Rental Fleet!

We make managing a bike rental fleet fast and easy. From our web tools to our native application. Save time and money!

The Bike Rental App for All Users.

The #1 bike rental app for users. Easy to sign up, unlock multiple bikes, and reserve a bike ahead of time.

Automate Bike Rental Fleets – Existing bike rental companies use the Koloni Fleet platform to automate their business. Instead of a single store front, bike rental companies can set up locations all around their service area.

The Koloni Fleet Platform enables owners to turn existing bikes into smart bikes OR use the Koloni Cycle for a dependable solution.

Launch a City Bike Share Program – Cities and local entities can launch a bike share program seamlessly. Cities can take advantage of our turnkey solutions or own and operate their own bike share system.

A Property Bike Share Amenity – A valuable amenity for commercial and residential properties, a bike share program can provide tenants a way to move freely. A property can use our turnkey bike share services or operate their own program.

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