Leased & Owned Fleets

Deploy a fleet of delivery bikes in your city. Track locations and charge delivery drivers a monthly subscription for a bike.

The Delivery Fleet App

Complete control – The delivery app allows users to connect to their vehicle and all the controls.
Track Analytics – Track how your fleet drivers are operating. Usage, vehicle health and more!
Track Fleet – Track your fleet to help optimize logistics of your operation.

Key Features

1. Add Instructions – Add instructions to help users quickly learn how to use the app.
2. Verify Users – Koloni will send a verification code to the user to identify them.
3. Controls – The user will have complete control of the vehicle. Start, turn on lights, and more!
4. Account Summary – The user can see their account details. Add to their account and also end it.
Delivery Driver Software

Easy to Manage

You can completely customize the experience. Create safe parking locations, monthly subscriptions, and manage reported issues.