Properties continue to see the “back to office” movement. I see the freeways in and out of Chicago back to the pre-pandemic normal. Our commercial property customers are helping move-in new tenants as well! Also, the data doesn’t lie, we have seen a 150% increase in bike share usage on commercial properties yearly. Why are people using our bike share at commercial properties? We asked some riders!

“I need to move my legs during my lunch break. I rent a bike and ride to the food court at the mall to grab a salad.” - Abraham - Illinois 

“We are three-quarters of a mile away from restaurants. Walking takes too long, and I am in my car for over an hour in the morning and afternoon, so I don’t want to get back into my car.” Isabelle - Texas

“I need to clear my head after hours of looking at a computer screen. It helps me with mental clarity, and I can refocus. I usually ride to go grab a smoothie!” Justine - California 

Creating a bike share amenity on the property can provide many different benefits for tenants. When speaking with end users, we continue to see riders use the bike share programs for different reasons. We polled over 100 riders here are the five most common keywords!

  1. Mental clarity
  2. Transportation to lunch
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Getting my steps in (or pedals)
  5. Catching up with co-workers

One simple amenity can provide value to tenants in so many ways. Now, you may ask… How simple is it to get started!? 

Koloni Fleets makes it simple. We have a turnkey service that takes care of everything. 

  • We provide liability insurance. 
  • We hire a local bike mechanic to do routine maintenance. 
  • We supply the bikes with smart locks and signage on the bikes.
  • We provide a marketing kit to educate your tenants about the new program.