We are riding into a new year! Companies always save some big news for the calendar's turn, and we are no different. We are pleased to announce Cycle 4.0! A standard pedal bicycle designed for fleet usage from 5-200 bikes. What are the key features of this new product, and why are they important? Let’s dig in!

  1. Airless Tires - This feature substantially saves on operational costs. The foam-filled tires provide a great riding experience for users of all sizes. The soft core provides the comfort of a standard air tire but the dependability of NEVER being flat. Much of the United States has cooler seasonal temperatures, and as we all know, tires tend to lose air during that time. Save time checking air pressure and invest in airless tires.

  1. Enclosed Front & Rear Fenders - Enclosed fenders are popular with Koloni customers. A great way to monetize your fleet is with advertising on the bike. The enclosed front and rear fenders allow plenty of space for local businesses to sponsor a bike. Other fleets use the fender space to further their branding of the bike share program, logos, instructions, and much more. 

  1. Security Torx Hardware - Safety and security are at the top of our list. We have seen the results of vandalism and theft of a bike fleet that doesn’t have security Torx hardware throughout the entire bike. This level of security is extremely important to maintain a safe product for users to ride around town. We have installed security Torx bolts on every inch of Cycle 4.0. 

  1. Dynamo & Drum Brakes - The electrical power on the front hub powers the headlight for those evening rides. Both wheels have a drum brake; what does that mean? A drum brake dramatically reduces maintenance costs; a typical rim brake needs to be maintained constantly to fit the alignment of the bike for no rubbing on the rim. A rim brake needs more routine maintenance to make sure the brake is engaging with the rim properly to brake the bike. 

  1. Custom Branding - The white frame with black fenders provides a lot of flexibility to custom brand the bicycle. We offer services to help design and print the decals for you OR you can do it yourself. It is very rewarding to design the bike to fit the local mission and culture of the community. We encourage you to put your creative hat on and design the bike as you wish.

This bike isn’t your standard fleet bike; we focus on providing quality bikes to our customers to deploy in their communities. We hope you consider us if you plan to launch a new bike share or rental program. Additionally, if you want to upgrade your existing fleet, we’d love to speak with you!