Grayslake Bike Share program was launched in spring of 2021 with the focus on connecting their community and promoting their trails and recreation areas. A northern Chicago suburb, Grayslake is a quiet community with beautiful shops and restaurants in the village downtown. They have wonderful recreational centers and trails that continue all the way to the Wisconsin border. The initial year, the program with 20 bikes saw daily ridership from locals and also visitors. The program recorded thousands of miles traveled and a high success for a small community.

Regional Program - The program launched with the collaboration of multiple organizations and local government. The Village of Grayslake, College of Lake County, Grayslake Library and the Grayslake Park District all join the effort. They worked collectively to identify locations for stations, and promoted the launch. The primary focus of the program was promoting health and wellness while also utilizing the beautiful bike trails around the region.

Program Champion - Mary Klees spearheaded the project for years. Working with local governments and organizations to generate interest and commitment was key to the early success and launch of the program.

Parks - Grayslake has miles of paved bike trails, connecting local parks and easy access from each bike station. 83% of the trips were taken on the local trails during the first year.

Library - The Grayslake Library is next to a sports complex and a park. The small station of four bikes was used frequently.

Community College - The college has no on-campus housing and is a commuter community college. The station is placed in front of the recreation facility. Students would rent to get across campus and also stay active between class time.